Potion Bottle Bundle Tutorial & Video Combo

Potion Bottle Bundle Tutorial & Video Combo
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 Potion Bottle Bundle

Styles 1, 2 & 3

This is the HKC3 Oct Project, Oct Bonus Project & Dec Bonus Project

All bundled into one convenient purchase

These versatile bottles can be made in a Halloween theme, as
perfume bottles or even as liquor bottles!

This project uses the patented Hidden Hinge Plus™ Binding System – U. S. Patent No. 9,630,441.

This purchase includes the written/photos step by step tutorial to make each style bottle as well as 
the instructional videos for each style. If you would like to buy the tutorials only, please click here.


This purchase requires an invite to the shared folder on Box.com. 
You will receive this access within 24 hours of your purchase (excluding Sundays). 


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