Foto Folios 2

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Price $39.98

This purchase is for Kathy's set ONLY

With this purchase you get the tutorial & videos for: six different Foto Folio 2 styles and the Storage Box PLUS The Pouch for full-sized Folios!

You also get the cutting guide for the mini versions of the 6 styles.


Folio size = 9x11, mini = 7x9


You will receive ACCESS to this purchase via an email invite to share the project folder on within 24 hours of your purchase (not including Sundays). 

Please accept the invite and create a free account using this email address and you will have access to the folder. If you already have a account with this email address, please log on to see if you have access.


Check out what each style looks like below: 

See Style #1, Style #2, Style #3Style #4Style #5Style #6, Storage Box



You can pick up Kathryn's of KathrynScraps, 6 different Tutorials here:!product/prd1/3239024061/foto-folios-2-workshop 

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