Boxable Workshop 12 months 12 Unique Storage Boxes

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Price $199.99



Videos for each box design will be uploaded to the project folder the 15th of every month, beginning

Jan. 15, 2017.  Tutorials (the written instructions) for each box design will be uploaded to the project folder approximate 1 week later. 




Purchase includes the following:

  • Written Tutorial for all 12 boxes
  • Video instruction on how to constructed all 12 boxes
  • Formulas on how to resize all 12 boxes for fit any mini album design
  • Lifetime access to the Videos instructions for all 12 boxes
  • Lifetime access to the written instructions for all 12 boxes


Workshops are only available in video and tutorial combination.  Written instruction only is not available as very important information is captured in the videos format only.

 Tutorials for the All Occasions Mini albums are NOT included in this purchase




Please Note: You will receive an invite to share the Boxable folder on in early January. 

Please accept the invite and create a free account using this email address and you will have access to the folder.

If you already have a account with this email address, please log on to see if you have access.

You will have unlimited access to this folder with no expiration.








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