Boxable Licensed Copy (Teaching) License

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This purchase is for a licensed (teaching) license for the Boxable Workshop only.

This purchase gives you the right to teach classes for this any of the projects in
this specific Paper Phenomenon workshop, in a physical building (not online).
You may print copies of the tutorial for each of your students to keep.

Within a week of your purchase, you will receive a PDF copy of your license.
However, your license is valid from the date of purchase.

To purchase a license for a project, please follow these steps.

1 - Please purchase the project tutorial (if not already owned) on a separate order.
Do not purchase the tutorial and license together.

2 - Select the correct license type from the Shop (Single, Workshop or Mulit-project: Selling, Teaching or Bundled)

3 - At the bottom, click to CHECK the Invoice number and project name checkbox, then, in the text field that
type in the invoice number of the tutorial order AND the project name of ONE project .

4 - In the Company name field, enter your business name if you have one or simply your own name.
It is fine if you later change your business name - the license will still be valid.

This information will be confirmed and then you will be emailed (via the email on the order) your PDF copy of the
license within a week. Please note during sale is may take longer.
Please save this PDF for future proof of purchase.

5 - Repeat this process for each project you want to purchase a license for.
IMPORTANT: Any license order without the required information 
will be refunded.

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